Animals Do so Much for Us...                               It's Time to Give Back!                

  Introducing the                 Kiss Your Pet Challenge! 

Our animals do so much for us. Physically, emotionally and mentally, their love keeps us going when we are wading through the worst of our troubles. They  light up our lives with unconditional loyalty and enduring friendship.  Now it's time to give back. With the Kiss Your Pet (KYP) Challenge we are asking you to post loving photos and videos of your amazing animals to your Facebook Page and nominate 3 friends to do the same!

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Donations are appreciated! All money will be used to help therapy animals with their veterinary needs. Help us give these special creatures a voice and the strength they need to keep taking care of people! Post your photo or video, make a small donation and nominate 3 friends!

Post Your Photos and Videos to Facebook and Share Share Share!!


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!Saving Aisha!

 Why Aisha?

We've been asked lately: "Why are we trying so hard to save this horse?"

Answer: Not for our own benefit, but that of many others. She has been placed in our hands for a reason. If we don't treat her special medical needs, she will be in pain and become difficult to work with. God hasn't sent someone else to take over responsibility for her, so the plan is not to give up. We don't give up on the people who come to us for help and we won't give up on the horses who help them. She means a great deal to many clients and riders that come to Perfect Ponies Learning Center.


Please click the link below to help save Aisha. She is in need of some specialist veterinary attention.  This horse has the personality of a puppy for all her size and magnificence she is a, gentle, kind, playful and patient giant.  She helps people from all walks of life to grow, learn and be at peace.  From our countries heroes to children with special needs she is adored by all. Visit the link below for more information.


Here's the latest: 2.26.14

Ms Charlie Brown DVM, to be Aisha's vet at Annabessacook, will do exploratory ultrasound, possibly more blood tests, possible surgical if necessary. We are still raising funds and looking at making the trip in good weather.

Scholarship Fundraising


MT fundraising provides up to 80% of tuition for participants in our equine assisted programs as well as funding for facilitators to attend specialty training seminars.  

Bottle Drive! Bottle Drive! Bottle Drive!

Manes and Tails is ALWAYS accepting bottle and can donations to support our scholarship program.  Find our recycling barrel in your area or for more information please contact:

Nancy Dumond Violette &

Donald Violette

207 868 5324

489 Main St. Van Buren, ME 04785